REAL-d - Frequently Asked Questions

How can one refer to items deposited in REAL-d?
There is an unique identifier number for all items deposited. The recommended way of reference to item No. 237 is the following URL: .

How can one request corrections?
For older items write to: real_help @

File readability - PDF and PDF/A
We aspire to store documents in PDF/A format, but accept plain PDF too. PDF/A is created for long term preservation - it might happen, that plain PDF documents do not display correctly in a particular platform (operating system, browser, browser plug-in, PDF viewer). PDF display problems usually stem for lack of the given font. PDF/A documents have the fonts embedded, so there will be no such problems - on the other hand, they tend to be larger. Occasionally a certain document is present in both plain PDF and PDF/A.

What is ORCID?
ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID. It is a global system for providing unique identifiers for authors, together with a personal page with short biographies, publication lists, affiliations. ORCID identifiers look like 0000-0002-6873-3425 .